#8 Washed (Pea) Gravel [cu. yd.]

  • #8 Washed (Pea) Gravel [cu. yd.]

#8 Washed (Pea) Gravel [cu. yd.]


Washed #8 Gravel; 3/16” - 1/2”
Common uses:  Drainage, waterproofing, landscaping, playgrounds

Calculate how much material you need. See “More info” below to learn how to calculate the area of your space and to get a recommendation for the depth of material. Round up to the nearest cubic yard when you place your order.

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    Our trucks drive on the road and driveways only. We cannot drive into the lawn, regardless of conditions.

    All bulk materials will be dumped into a pile, so if you're ordering gravel for a driveway you will need to have a way to spread it.  Our trucks are not equipped to "tailgate" gravel.

    Non-bulk items will be unloaded by hand and stacked on or near the driveway.

    If we are unable to complete the delivery for reasons out of our control (due to obstructions on the customer’s property, customer refusal of load, etc.), the customer will be refunded for the materials, but will still be charged for the delivery.

    • To find the area of a SQUARE – multiply the length x the width
    • To find the area of a RECTANGLE – multiply the length x the width
    • To find the area of a CIRCLE – multiply 3.14 x radius x radius (or r²)
    • To find the area of a TRIANGLE – multiply 1/2 x the base x the height
    • The thickness of mulch is generally 2 – 3 inches. Two inches for maintaining year to year, three inches for new beds or beds that weren’t mulched the prior year.

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