Each of our bulk item pages has a calculator to help you determine how much to order. You just need to know how thick you’ll be spreading the material, and the measurements (length and width) of the area you are covering. If you’re measuring for items under the “Soil & Compost” category, be sure to use the calculator on the correct product page, as these items use slightly modified formulas to account for compression.

Our drivers are only permitted to dump in locations that can be reasonably accessed with all tires on the driveway or road. There are no exceptions, even when the ground is extremely dry. See our mulch blowing services.

How you choose to order and share is, of course, up to you—however we can’t dump part of a load at one location and part at another. If you decide to split a load you’ll have to work out of the same pile.

For bulk items, we can only deliver multiple products in one load if you plan to mix them. There is no way for us to keep them separated in transit and as they are dumped. Mixed loads need to be purchased over the phone or in person.

The only difference is in the consistency. Double processed mulch is what we consider a traditional mulch consistency. If you want a finer material, the triple is probably your best choice.

Unfortunately, our trucks are not set up to do this. Gravel will be dumped in a pile the same as other products would.

Yes, mulch can stain concrete driveways due to its coloring. Both naturally made and artificially colored mulch are likely to stain, especially during humid and rainy weather. If your concrete driveway becomes stained with mulch dye, the stains can eventually be removed with solutions of soap and vinegar or bleach and water.

The amount of space that your bulk materials will occupy depends on the type of materials and their exact quantity. For questions about how much materials are needed for your project, contact us by calling the store.

This type of mulch is dyed with harmless, non-toxic iron oxide-based or carbon-based dyes, so it is considered safe for pets and plants. While low-quality dyes can be made of harmful chemicals, Green Vision only uses the highest quality mulch products. For questions or concerns about the safety levels of your mulch, give us a call.

Give us a call at 440-564-5500. We look forward to hearing from you!