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About Green Vision Materials

We began recycling landscape waste in 2000 in response to the growing need for wood waste recycling in North East Ohio. Originally operated under TRC Landscape Services Inc. Green Vision Materials was officially incorporated in 2010. Our EPA licensed class IV facility is located in Newbury Ohio a quarter mile East of Auburn Rd on Rt. 87. Materials are received, processed, and distributed from this location.

We provide a service to the community by accepting clean wood and yard waste at no charge to qualified residents and contractors. We also provide recycling solutions for municipalities that collect yard waste and leaves. Our service recycles thousands of tons of wood and yard waste every year. This helps keep these materials out of landfills and “backyard piles”. We are proud that we have been able to process and market 100% of the materials that come into our facility.

Our demolition service has set itself apart by recycling the structures we demolish. Although all hazardous or contaminated waste is sent to the proper approved facilities the remainder is recycled further reducing the amount of materials going to landfills.

We have enjoyed a steady growth by establishing partnerships with organizations that see the importance in organic recycling. Let us show your organization how our recycling solutions can be cost effective, help your public image, and our environment.

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